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Buying a Home

Where do I start?



The very first thing on your "to do" list, is to arrange your financing.

This should be done before you look at your first home.

Consulting a reputable home loan officer is your very first step.

Many people make the mistake of delaying this step, which only causes unnecessary heartache later on.

Michael Cornell can set you up with a top home loan professional with a reputation for providing great rates as well as customer service.

If you look at homes in the $750,000 range (just as an example), and later find out that you only qualify for $500,000, then the homes that are actually in your price range will be a bit disappointing after seeing the more expensive ones. You should not have been looking at the more expensive homes.

Also, some buyers are actually able to qualify for more home than they expect.

Some people who want to make a home purchase have obstacles to obtaining a home loan that they are simply not able to overcome at the moment. A good home loan professional can offer you counseling on how to improve your application package so you can overcome those obstacles and buy a home as soon as possible.

The reasons for getting your loan approval out of the way up front, go on and on.

Remember, unless you are paying all cash with no home loan involved, you are expected to attach your loan approval letter when you make an offer.

Often, a home Buyer will put off arranging for the lender approval letter far too long. The ideal home comes on the market on a Friday afternoon with multiple offers expected by Sunday, and the loan officer is out of town for the weekend and unavailable to run the credit report and prepare the loan approval letter until after the Sunday deadline. The offer that is accepted is the one with the attached loan approval letter, even though it was for a lower dollar amount.

Today's loan approvals, while not as free-wheeling with the "anything goes" atmosphere of a few years ago, are relatively painless.

Michael Cornell can suggest a good loan officer for you to consult.

Keep in mind that most good home loan professionals will have just about the same rates and fees if you check the details.

It is critical that you use a reputable, experienced, local home loan professional with a track record of closing loans on time at the agreed terms.

Be VERY WARY of any loan officer who promises you rates or fees that are substantially better than his/her competitors. These low-ballers often fail to produce what they promise.

Michael Cornell can set you up with a top home loan professional with a reputation for providing great rates as well as customer service, and who delivers on the promises made.

Once you have your loan approval letter in hand, you are a much stronger Buyer. You are in a better negotiating position. Often the best homes sell quickly to the most prepared Buyer.

Don't lose out on the ideal home because you procrastinated about your loan approval letter and made the mistake of looking at property first.


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