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Formulas That Help You Evaluate Your Investments

gross rent multiplier

Gross rent multiplier (GRM) provides a means of comparing properties recently sold with subject. It represents the current supply/demand interplay in the market for income properties of the same type as subject.

cap rate

Cap rate is really a comparable yields method on analyzing investment potential. When one is investing in real property, one is taking the position that the rate of return will be greater and the benefits of ownership will out weigh a "safe" investment. When funds are put into an apartment house, liquidity is lost and management responsibility has been accepted. There is always an element of risk. Usually, the investor expects to see management skills improve the rate of return, and that real estate will appreciate at a rate in excess of the general rate of inflation. The investor is in a position to control the risk factor.

Leverage of capital is another benefit of investing in real estate. An investor can receive 100% of the benefits of ownership with an up front investment of a fraction of the purchase price. Traditionally, the downpayment for an investment property has been 30%-40% of the purchase price.

Today, you may be able to purchase investment real estate with 20%, 10% or even 5% down. (Of course, the lower your down payment, the lower your monthly cash-flow. Your personal financial strength and credit ratings will greatly affect the loan programs you will be offered.)

Here is an example of why real estate may be your best possible investment: If you purchase an apartment building for $1,000,000, make a 30% down payment, keep it for three years and it goes up in value 30% in those three years, your return on your investment is not 30%. YOUR RETURN IS 100%!

Of course, this example is rounded for clarity and there are costs associated with buying and selling. Some years real estate goes up in value much more than 10% and some years it does not increase in value at all. In rare instances, real estate temporarily goes down in value. Real estate is a long-term investment.

Real estate is not a


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debt service coverage

Mortgage lenders use this, as the ratio can be interpreted to mean that the cash available for the debt service is a percentage of the amount necessary to cover the total mortgage payments. A bank may take a position that in order to make a loan, the cash available to pay the bank debt is 160% of the amount necessary to cover the total mortgage payments.

cash on cash return

cash on cash return
cash on cash return

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